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The Virginia Cardinals organization is a 501(c)3 charitable entity.  We are dedicated to providing opportunities for high quality individuals to advance their lives through leveraging their baseball talents into opportunities to attend and afford the best college or university possible.  We believe that a motivated young man can use baseball to gain access to a school (and eventually a life) that would ordinarily have been out of their reach otherwise.  We also believe that the ages 15-17 are prime years for these young men to begin to increase their awareness of their power and influence within their communities.  The Cardinals believe that an exceptional young man who learns to serve and impact their community can make the world a better place.  We strive to impact these young men now with the expectation that they will, in turn, live a life dedicated to "paying it forward" in whichever way they find the most effective and fulfilling.  These young men are expected to succeed at the highest level their capabilities will allow - and then help others do the same.  Baseball is merely the common ground we share at this point in time.  These young men are going to grow up to be doctors, engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and other things we can't even imagine right now.  What they learn through the Cardinals experience is that they are fortunate and blessed - not entitled.  They will learn that they are powerful and capable and that with that power and ability comes a great responsibility - to themselves, their families, their communities, their country and ultimately, to mankind itself.

We hope you will believe in this mission and be moved to help to continue to make it possible.  All donations are tax deductible and go directly to sponsoring a player for the Cardinals. 

     Thank you for believing in us and what we are trying to do.

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