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All teams are formed based on their graduation year regardless of their age eligibility.


2028 grads - tryouts for that roster will be June 12 at Thomas Dale HS.  Submit your registration form and you will be contacted with further details.


The Virginia Cardinals are always looking for quality players who are capable and motivated to compete at the highest level.  Cardinals will no longer be holding "open tryouts" for any of their current rosters.  We will hold an open event for the new team we birth for rising freshmen each June for the roster that will begin competition in September.  Players can be considered through current Cardinal player recommendations, Cardinal alumni recommendations or coach's / scout recommendations.  If you are interested in being evaluated for a possible Cardinals roster spot you can fill out and submit a prospect registration form below along with a video and we will get back 


If you are here you have taken an important first step in this often confusing process.  We encourage you to do your research and make an effort to see through the smoke and mirrors and noise that can distract and confuse folks who are trying to make the best decision possible regarding their college prep / showcase organization.  The Va Cardinals mission is to prepare our players to be ready to perform at the next level on DAY ONE.  We encourage you to browse this website to see not only the exceptional matriculation rate we have had over the decade+ we have been in operation - but more importantly how often and regularly our alumni SUCCEED at the next level and levels beyond college.  The proper placement, the RIGHT FIT, is more important than the social media content many organizations seem to be more adept at than actual player preparation and development.  The Cardinals organization will prepare the talented and motivated ballplayer better than anyone else - period.  College coaches know that when a Va Cardinal arrives on their campus that player knows how to handle their business and themselves.  That player will understand how to be self-motivated, responsible, mature and team oriented -  Everything a college coach or professional organization is looking for beyond simple baseball talent.  If you are ready to see what you are actually capable of becoming and want an organization that will be your sherpa to the top of the mountain then you came to the right place.  If you are the type of player or parent who needs to be carried and coddled and dragged to the top only to find that you are not prepared for the rigors and responsibilities the next level demands - well, there are plenty of others out there who provide that kind of experience.  If you wonder if our model works just take a few minutes and explore this website.  If this looks like the place for you submit your form and we will be in touch with next steps.

** If you have an issue submitting a tryout form (tech error or such) please just go ahead and send in an email with the requested information to and we will get you straight.  Some browsers seem to have issues with the submission software.


Have questions or want to learn more about the Virginia Cardinals? Contact us below.

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